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Hello, everyone, and welcome to [community profile] mediatorfans, a new community for fans of Meg Cabot's Mediator series. I'm hoping this place can turn into a new home for fans of the series on LJ, since it looks like the old community has been abandoned by the moderators and members can no longer post. :-( With a new book on the way and the news that the series has been optioned for a TV show, this is an exciting time to be a Mediator fan!
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Seventh Book
Fans learned of Meg Cabot's plans to write a seventh Mediator book in summer 2011. Since then, Meg has made several mentions of the new book on both her blog and her Twitter.

In February 2012, Meg hinted on her blog that she was planning a trip to Carmel-by-the-Sea to do research for the seventh Mediator book.

In January 2013, Meg confirmed her trip and also posted a status update for the books on her Twitter account:

She later elaborated in her blog:
A lot of people got excited when a certain gossip blog posted that there might be a new installment of The Princess Diaries series coming soon. That was pure conjecture on the part of that blog (though I appreciate the enthusiasm, and it certainly could happen someday).

But I'm definitely adding a 7th installment to the Mediator series (though it's not written yet, so don't expect it anytime soon)! Sometimes inspiration hits when and where you least expect it.

Around this time, there was also a little teaser posted on the official Facebook page for the Mediator series:
You heard it here first...Suze and the gang will be back in a new full length book (Number 7) sometime soon. A little older, a little wiser, and a whole lot sexier! (Well, maybe not that much sexier. Jesse is still an old-fashioned boy.)

Optioned for a TV Series!
In April 2013, Meg announced on her Twitter that The Mediator has been optioned for a TV series!

(She then posted about it on her blog, slightly more info about Fremantle Media but still not a lot of news yet)

Julia Pistor is the producer who had the rights to the movie before they expired. The fact that she continued to pursue the project in TV form after the film rights expired makes me optimistic that she is dedicated to the series and hopefully will create a faithful adaptation that sticks to most of the series' main plot elements!

So there's the news as I know it regarding The Mediator. I'm very excited about all this and am hoping these developments will bring new fans to the series!
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In February, Meg posted several mini "stories" on her blog in which heroines of her various books picked their favorite Oscar nominees. My favorite, of course, was Suze's story:

Seriously? You want to know which Oscar pick I liked best this year? I can tell you which one bored the crap out of me: Life of Pi. My boyfriend Jesse dragged me to see it without telling me what it's about. It turns out it's about some guy trapped in a lifeboat with a tiger.

Jesse says it's an allegory about God or religion or something and he really appreciated it after having spent two hundred years being trapped as a ghost in my house.

I said, "Really, Jesse? Do I look like a tiger to you? Have I ever eaten a zebra? Listen, when I want to spend my hard-earned entertainment dollars on an allegory, I'll go to Disneyland and take a ride on Space Mountain. In the meantime, shut up and kiss me."

So he did.

Jesse can pick out the movie anytime if that's what's going to happen. But otherwise, no more movies about anyone trapped in a lifeboat with anything.

You can read the rest of the stories here!
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Earlier this year, the Things Meg Cabot's Characters Say opened up on Tumblr. This blog basically serves as Meg's official Tumblr account, but it just posts graphics with quotes from Meg's various books on them. Here are all the Mediator quotes that have appeared so far:

Pics behind the cut )

Personally, most of these aren't really my favorite Mediator quotes, but they're still fun to see. What about you guys? Have any of your favorite quotes been featured?

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