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Following the speculation of the other day, Meg made an official announcement today! The source includes information about TWO Princess Diaries spin-off series as well, but I will just sum up the Mediator related news here:

2015 is a special year for me. It marks the 15th Anniversary of the publication of The Princess Diaries, Volume 1, and Shadowland, Book 1 in The Mediator series. To celebrate this, in Summer 2015, I'll be releasing three new books: two in the Princess Diaries series, and one in the Mediator series!

Here's the scoop:

In REMEMBRANCE (William Morrow), the seventh installment of the Mediator series, all Susannah Simon wants is to make a good impression at her first job since graduating from college (and becoming engaged to Dr. Jesse de Silva).

But when she stumbles across an ancient murder, old ghosts—and ex-boyfriends—aren't all that come back to haunt her.

REMEMBRANCE will be the first ever adult installment of the Mediator, published by the adult division of HarperCollins, the company that brought you the YA books in the series.

[. . .]

For those of you wondering if Paul Slater is in Mediator 7, the answer is yes, he is. There are a lot of comments I could make about that but I will restrain myself.

There is so much NEWS in that post that I can barely restrain myself. Release date! Synopsis! OMG IT IS ADULT! Jesse and Suze engaged! PAUL SLATER! And the "omg" factor of next year being the 15th anniversary of the series, wow. Time flies!

In other news, this community is now being mirrored on Dreamwidth. Things seem to be a bit more active over there, so I'm hoping it will spark a bit of life back into the fandom. If any of you are on DW, I hope you'll join us! In the meantime, I will still continue to post in both communities, and if things get busy over there, I'll be sure to link back on LJ.


May. 31st, 2013 05:22 pm
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Hello, everyone, and welcome to [community profile] mediatorfans, a new community for fans of Meg Cabot's Mediator series. I'm hoping this place can turn into a new home for fans of the series on LJ, since it looks like the old community has been abandoned by the moderators and members can no longer post. :-( With a new book on the way and the news that the series has been optioned for a TV show, this is an exciting time to be a Mediator fan!

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