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Meg posted on her Twitter today the link to an auction for all 10 Princess Diaries books. The auction description reads,
In honor of the 10th year anniversary of this fabulous auction, Meg Cabot is proud to donate all 10 full-length novels in her #1 New York Times bestselling Princess Diaries series, as well as a sneak peek chapter from a manuscript Meg is currently working on (an adult sequel to one of her most popular YA series of all time). (Source)

Most people on Twitter automatically assumed this would be a sequel to the Princess Diaries, which it very well could be. BUT the vagueness of the wording here (rather than "sequel to this series we're auctioning off") indicates it's something besides TPD. Since we know for a fact that Mediator 7 is happening, BUT Meg has been so incredibly vague about it, only saying that it's "big"... I kind of suspect she's talking about the Mediator here.

What do you guys think? If the Mediator is getting an adult series, will we get to see Jesse and Suze engaged, wedding planning, already married? I can't even process this right now!!
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